Compound ID Compound Name Formula CAS NO. Structure
5316 (3',5'-二溴联苯-4-基)三苯基硅烷
C30H22Br2Si 956776-67-3 C30H22Br2Si Place an order
5318 3',5'-二溴-N,N-二苯基联苯-4-胺
C24H17Br2N 1258948-07-0 C24H17Br2N Place an order
5393 1,4,5,8-四溴萘
6596-45-8 6596-45-8 6596-45-8 Place an order
5394 1,8-二碘萘
C10H6I2 1730-04-7 C10H6I2 Place an order
5395 5-碘喹啉-8-醇; 5-碘-8-羟基喹啉
C9H6INO 13207-63-1 C9H6INO Place an order

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